Wendy Hammers here. Welcome to my little home in cyberspace! My pal John Ciccolini at Creation Web Design built this tasty little site so I could connect with all of you. As a technotard, I don't understand much about the ethernet, but I do understand the need to be in community with other humans. So here we are. Nice to see you. You look fabulous!

A few things I want to take care of right away:

Life is short and so am I. Inspired by the visionary Eve Ensler, and my late great friends Judy Toll and Karen Aschenbach, I'm committed through my work as an actor, author, solo theatre artist, comic, and speaker, to sharing my perspective. I am particularly interested in celebrating our lives today while we can - at the age that we are in the bodies that we have.

As a teacher and coach, I'm also compelled to kick your ass in a loving way to see that you do your work in the short time that you have here on the planet.

As the creator and curator of Tasty Words, I am driven to present dynamic, hilarious, heartfelt evenings of storytelling from the best in town, making the world a smaller, sweeter place.

Feel free to root around my site. Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Reach me here: wendy@wendyhammers.com. If you want to book me for personal appearances, contact my lovely manager Dorit Simone at doritsimone@gmail.com or at 310.728.0100

That's all for now. Be good to yourself today. Hugs from here, Wendy